Arris Cable Modem Speed Issues
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Thread: Arris Cable Modem Speed Issues

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    Arris Cable Modem Speed Issues

    I have an ArrisWireless Cable modem provided by cable company. When wired, I get average of 48MB of speed, wireless I get average of 16MB of speed. Cable tech tweaked some settings on unit and I had my average back at 48MB. But after a few days back to slow. I would like to get rid of this ArrisWireless. I would like recommendations on Cable Modem / Router combo or separate modem and router. I want higher end. I used this for home office and need stability, security and speed.

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    Have you considered that other wireless networks around you may be impacting your wireless speeds? Have you conducted a wireless spectrum survey to ensure you are not on a wireless network that may also be in use by one/some of your neighbors?

    As for the cable modem, you should/need to contact your ISP (which you did not identify) to ensure what you end up getting is compatible with their network/system configuration. Anything short of that will be hit-or-miss guessing where the guess may not yield a choice that works.
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