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Thread: VPN and DNS

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    VPN and DNS

    I have two rvl200 vpn routers both connected to a Watchguard XTM e55-w appliance using branch office vpn with IPSec.

    Main Office is on a network ( gateway) Watchguard

    Office 2 is network ( gateway) RVL200 static ip

    Office 3 is network ( gateway) RVL200 static ip

    Office 2 works fine and I have never had troubles with that site. But for some reason office 3 will keep the VPN connection up and running but they drop internet ie google.com every so often 2 to 3 days maybe less and the only way i know of fixing this is by changing the DNS on the RVL200 at the office 3 site to something other then what it was. Most times i just use other times I let the router automatically assign the DNS. Is this a DNS issue? Im also wondering if the cable modem is not static but has kept the current IP so it seems like its static and is messing with my head. My VPN stays working, I can print to the sites and everything.

    Office 2 everything uses the same DNS and works fine on a DSL line Office 3 is using a cable service.

    Thanks for all the help!


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