Network Map sees router and a switch
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Thread: Network Map sees router and a switch

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    Network Map sees router and a switch

    I'm trying to set up file sharing between my Dell desktop running XP and my laptop running Vista through a Trendnet wireless router. The Dell is wired to the router, laptop is wireless. Both connect to the internet just fine. The Dell can ping the router and the laptop and I can access the shared file folders on the laptop from the Dell.
    Okay so far, now the hard part. The laptop can ping the router but not the Dell and the Network Map shows the Dell but has it connected through a switch. (Sees the router as a switch) Also the printer that is connected to the Dell (which is where I'm trying to get to) is not on the map. The router control panel, accessed through the laptop, shows the Dell and the laptop listed by IP and MAC address. I've done all the tutorials on the web. Same workgroup name, IP addressed are:
    Router -
    Dell XP -
    Laptop -
    I have Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) enabled in Vista and have downloaded the LLTD Responder on the Dell XP.

    Can anyone give me some help on this? Thanks.

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    If you can not successfully "ping" the Dell, then there is probably a personal firewall on it that is getting in the way. In most cases, you need to be able to successfully "ping" the system that is hosting the network resources that you are trying to reach.
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