how to use RARP protocol
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Thread: how to use RARP protocol

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    how to use RARP protocol

    Hi every one,

    rarp -a command will work in windows XP to find out address of computer. if not how to use RARP Protocol


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    RARP -- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol -- is a network management protocol that predates, and has largely been replaced by, DHCP. It is most often used to provide IP addresses to diskless workstations that are connected to central RARP servers, a situation that is, um, kinda rare in a home networking environment.

    During bootup, an RARP client broadcasts a signal over its network that contains its MAC address. When an RARP server receives the signal, it consults its tables and returns the IP address that corresponds to that MAC address. This process is generally managed by a network administrator; i.e., the tables are created by an administrator and manually entered into the RARP server.

    By its nature, RARP does not encompass the concept of dynamic IPs, and offers no management features beyond the simple assignment of static IPs from a table. If RARP is a screwdriver, DHCP is a Swiss army knife.

    If you're a home networker, forget about RARP, unless it's just a thing you want to learn about. Even if XP has an RARP command -- I frankly don't know if it does or not -- it is useless unless you are connected to an RARP server. If you're in a situation where you need RARP, you're probably on the wrong board.

    Good luck!


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    is any way knowing just MAC ADDRESS of my PDA, find which IP ADDRESS is and hence the location of it, in case get lost or stolen???

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