Allow Internet and block lan access on Wifi
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Thread: Allow Internet and block lan access on Wifi

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    Allow Internet and block lan access on Wifi

    Looking to allow wifi clients access to internet without giving access to computers on lan.

    Network is cable to wired router with wireless router hung on lan.
    Static DHCP configured for some lan computers, all users on same subnet.

    Im sure there is a simple solution, but only know enough about networks to be a danger to myself.


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    Although I searched the forums before my post, I found
    in another post. This may have answered my question.

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    Yep. Thats the way.

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    Lightbulb Another way...

    ...particularly if your running Windows XP is to use the SP2 Windows Firewall and setup a custom address scope on each PC for File & Print Sharing (F&PS). Restrict F&PS access on each local PC to specific IPs on the LAN. That is what I do. Wired/wireless guest clients can access the internet from my LAN but not access my wired desktops or my laptop when it comes to F&PS. Other programs are also restricted by IP, a strong password in the case of Remote Desktop or in the case of my Secure Shell (SSH) server by the use of a private/public key pair and an Allowed Users list.
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