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Thread: Wireless Router + Cable Modem in Living Room > Wired Router + Computers in Office

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    Wireless Router + Cable Modem in Living Room > Wired Router + Computers in Office


    I need some help from all you IT gurus. I live in an apartment that is pre wired for Cable. The cable outlets are in the living room. My computers are in an office across the hall from the living room. I don't want to pay Comcast to add additional outlets since I am only renting.

    I am trying to setup two routers in my home network. The Cable Modem and Wireless Linksys Router is located in my living room. Obviously I don't want cables running to my office from the living room so I am only connecting to this router wirelessly. The IP for the wireless router is

    In my office I have a desktop and a laptop. Both computers have a nic and a wireless device installed. I connect to the laptop from my desktop computer via remote desktop. This allows me to run programs on my desktop and then switch over to the laptop via the remote desktop window and run additional programs on the laptop. Both computers have 768 megs ram so they are capable of running photoshop and 3d modelling programs.

    The problem is because I only have a wireless connection to the router the two computers communicate with each other at 54 mbps. I'd like the connection between the two computers to be 100 mbps. So I'd like to connect the laptop and desktop via the two nics and an additional router. I have configured the second router with However once I turn it on I can't go online even though I can ping both routers. Somehow the bindings are all screwed up and Windows XP does not know which Network device should be used for Internet Access. DHCP is enabled on both Routers.

    What is the correct way to set my network up so the laptop and desktop are linked via two cables to the WIRED ROUTER and both computers are connected to the Internet via a wireless connection on the WIRELESS ROUTER? The WIRED ROUTER and WIRELESS ROUTER can't be connected to each other with a cable.(Don't want cables running across the hall)

    Thanks for reading!

    Here is a diagram of my configuration:

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    You can only have one DHCP on a network and in your case it should be the wireless router. Turn off the DHCP on the wired router.

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