Using Linksys RV042 with load balancing
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Thread: Using Linksys RV042 with load balancing

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    Using Linksys RV042 with load balancing

    I'm currently using a Linksys WRT54G router on my home network with an ADSL connection (connects as PPPoA). The ADLS is configured as The router is configured as with automatic config - DHCP with advanced routing set for destination lan and default gateway This setup works great. Only problem is my ADSL link is only 512K/64K, but in reality the actual throughput is much slower. The locale I live in its very expensive to get higher bandwidth so I'd like to combine two separate connections for redundancy and speed.

    I can get a 2nd 3G wireless 512k/256K internet connection which connects via a PPPoE connection. I am considering getting a Linksys RV042 router which supports load balancing. I've looked at the documentation for this router but am unsure if the network configuration allows for different settings for WAN port 1 and WAN port 2.

    What I am contemplating is connecting the 3G wireless connection to WAN port 1 which would connect using a PPPoE connection and the ADSL connection to WAN port 2 where the ADSL modem takes care of the connection. RV042 router would be configured as a PPPoE network setting for WAN port 1. The ADSL modem would continue to be configured as and setup to automatically connect to my ISP and obtain an external IP address. All desktops on my home network have static IP's 192.168.2.x with a gateway of Both ISP connections are dynamic external IP addresses. The router is currently setup for DHCP server. Does this sound like it would work? I don't want to purchase this router if it will not help me achieve faster connection times.

    Will the RV042 router speed up access speeds for a single request? Or does the RV042 simply balance multiple requests coming in from across the network? In other words, if there is only one user online will the RV042 use both WAN ports to download data faster or will a single request go out only one WAN port?

    Presumably I could continue to use the WRT54G for its wireless capabilities by connecting one of its switch ports to a switch port on the RV042 and configuring the WRT54G with a static IP address of 192.168.2.x, is this correct?

    Sorry if this is a rambling, incoherent message but I'm not 100% sure if what I am attempting to do is feasible. I know a little about networking but just enough to be dangerous. Hopefully one of you network gurus can shed some light on this for me, thanks.

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    Since posting the original message I see that load balancing does not equal combining the two connections. Since I am dealing with two separate ISP's and there needs to be special settings I don;'t think what I am proposing is workable.

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    I would suggest first focusing on why you do not get the full ADSL speed you are paying for.

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