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Thread: Map external IP to internal IP

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    Map external IP to internal IP

    We are running a small business peer to peer network behind a Linksys router. Each of the LAN computers uses dynamic IP addressing (addresses provided by the router), with the exception of a couple of items, such as a network printer and our phone system.

    The company that services our phone system needs to be able to access the phone system externally. To do so, they want us to map a public static IP address to the phone's internal static IP address. The ISP has already assigned us a couple of public static IPs. The phone system has already been programmed with its LAN static IP. How do I tell all data coming into the network on a specific public IP address to be sent directly to the phone system IP?

    I've looked all through the Linksys documentation on this. I don't want Port Forwarding, but the concept is the same. I want to forward all data coming in on an IP, not just a port.

    Please help if you can. I've talked to the ISP, the phone service folks, and Linksys, to no avail.


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    You might look into using a dmz (as well as the security ramifications).

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