How to access my web cam from office computer?
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Thread: How to access my web cam from office computer?

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    Question How to access my web cam from office computer?

    I have a web cam and a DSL internet access,
    running win xp pro.
    I want to be able to access my webcam from another computer in my office that has internet access as well, web cam is over my balcony, and I want to watch the activity on balcony while I am not home,
    I am going to get a static IP address or get a service like DNS2Go, but I have no idea how to start, what to do, I need some detail instruction.
    1- what kind of setting do I have to do on my home computer and the remote computer ( office) .
    2- anyone knows how to do it?

    3- I don't want my home web cam be accessable by public, i want to use id and password to watch my balcony,
    4- how about the security? I don't want to be hacked.

    > 5- I have been reading some article about security cameras and internet on line, mostly use software, do I need any kind of software? or this can be done without software.

    6- web cam picture quality is not good, if I decide to go for other high quality camera , ( not usb) what kind of Graphic card and software do need?

    thanks a lot

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    The easiest way is to remote desktop to the PC.

    VNC is good, easy to use, and free.

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